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Virtutis Ritual Room Spray

Virtutis Ritual Room Spray

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Virtutis is my protection recipe. This was a download I received from a very powerful Witch ancestor of mine. The label on this spray has been given a face lift but is the same strong, tried, and true protection recipe you’ve felt in my Ritual Body Oil and my Ritual Body Scrub.
This Ritual Room Spray is perfect for protecting a space that you can’t scrub or put oil on 😂😆 It protects from evil eye, magick being sent to you, danger, lower vibrational entities, etc. Spray it at the office, in your car, or your home before guests arrive. There’s so many uses for these sprays!
The scent is a floral golden hydrangea.
This is intended to spray in rooms and on linens. Be mindful of pets as the spray contains essential oils.
Ingredients: Distilled water, Poly 20, Germall Plus (to prevent mold or bacteria), essential oil, black obsidian crystal chip. Each bottle is 4 oz of liquid spray.

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