About Us

Meet the Owner

My name is Drea, I am 38 years old, and currently living in Washington state.

I have been doing readings for 20 years (astrology, tarot, oracle, intuitive, etc).

In 2019 I became reiki certified and in 2020 I became a professional reiki master. I specialize in multi-dimensional energy healing.

In 2021, when this brand was created the mission was and still is - empowering each client to find their inner intuition and follow their unique gifts.

Whether this is through my private sessions or metaphysical ritual products, the goal is nurturing a relationship with your higher-self.

I am passionate about spiritual coaching and guidance. Walking along side each client working through decades of unresolved trauma, limiting belief systems, and karmic cycles.

A long-term approach to a deeper healing and awareness that facilitates life-changing transformations.

Lipstick Intuition is the concept that we only need two things - a good lipstick and our intuition.