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Lipstick Intuition

Truth Seeker Ritual Body Oil

Truth Seeker Ritual Body Oil

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This recipe came to me a long time ago. I never released it in my shop because I wasn’t sure the collective was ready. This energy is for seeing the truth in a situation or person etc. If you want to be shown if someone is lying to you or being truthful, etc. There is a powerful Third Eye 👁️ activation in this recipe - so if you’re trying to unlock your intuition this is definitely for you. 

You can also use this recipe to shatter illusions that you may have in your life. The truth can be scary but if you’re wondering what part of your life you may have rose colored glasses 🤓 this can help! Remember not all illusions are bad, these can be false truths we have about ourselves or situation that create a fake limiting reality. You can use this with the intention to see the truth of your potential or what you’re capable of acheiving! 🎉🥳


Scent - Star Anise (black licorice) and sweet lemon 🍋 


Ingredients: sweet almond oil, an herbal blend, mica powder, fragrance oil, essential oil, and crystal
If irritation occurs, discontinue use. For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed.
For EXTERNAL use only. Do not use on your face or around your eyes. 
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