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Lipstick Intuition

Spoiled Ritual Body Oil

Spoiled Ritual Body Oil

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I know you’re going to love this recipe as much as I do! I came up with this oil back in March and I used it to perform a ritual. 

In the next week I received gifts from loved ones and strangers that totaled over $600 😍 I couldn’t believe it! 

The energy of this recipe is to put you in the vibration of receiving gifts. A lot of us have a hard time receiving and even feel guilt around people giving us presents or money for no reason. 

This breaks down the blocks we have about being worthy to receive. Use your imagination and feel free to combine this oil with other recipes like Believe, Rich Bitch, and Sweeten 😉


The scent smells like a pina colada on the beach 🍹


Ingredients: sweet almond oil, mica powder, gold foil, an herbal blend, essential oil, and fragrance oil. 

For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed. If any irritation occurs discontinue use immediately. 

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