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Mended Heart Ritual Body Oil

Mended Heart Ritual Body Oil

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This is my recipe for emotional healing. The energy is beyond beautiful. If you have some unresolved trauma or anything that requires healing on an emotional level this is definitely for you. 

Mended Heart works differently on everyone depending on what your spirit team feels best to you! Everyone I’ve tested this on has had a unique experience. I would recommend this recipe for folks that have gone through a breakup or had a loss recently. 

If you’re wondering the difference between this recipe and my “Open Heart” recipe - this is more the healing aspect of your Heart Chakra allowing you to release those emotions. Open Heart is a recipe for keeping your heart chakra open. 

Both can help you in terms of healing but I recommend Open Heart for people afraid to love or receive love. People that might be closed off or bitter because of past experiences. 

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, mica powder, crystal chips, an herbal blend, and an essential oil & fragrance oil blend. 

For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed. if irritation occurs (on skin), discontinue use immediately. 

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