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Lipstick Intuition

Home Clearing Workshop

Home Clearing Workshop

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Want to learn more about how to clear the energy in your home and take control of your space? In this two part video workshop, Drea covers everything you need to know about how the energy clearing works in your home. 

You’ll learn multiple ways to cleanse and clear your space and determine which method works best for you and your energy. 

Drea also covers when to know you may need to hire a professional to clear your home. Cleansing isn’t just meant to get rid of negative energy, you will also learn how to set an intention for what energy you want in your space. 

Cleansing your home promotes success and prosperity, it also helps with getting rested sleep. Once you create a routine and ritual around this ancient practice you’ll want to make sure you do this on a regular basis. 

Once purchased, you’ll receive a link from YouTube giving you access to two private videos. It is 2.5 hours of content. 

For legal reasons, this is for entertainment purposes only. No refunds. 

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