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Blessed Ritual Room Spray

Blessed Ritual Room Spray

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Blessed is a recipe I created for the holiday season, although this can be enjoyed all year long. It attracts abundance, prosperity, and good luck - bringing us all our blessings! During the holiday season we want things to go smoothly, everything to go our way. Blessed will put you in the vibration of receiving gifts from the Universe.
The scent for this spray is Spiced Cider. It has notes of clove and nutmeg. Each spray comes with an incantation to activate the energy. This is perfect to spray in your house and bless your home. 

This is intended to spray in rooms and on linens. Be mindful of pets as the spray contains essential oils.
Ingredients: Distilled water, Poly 20, Germall Plus (to prevent mold or bacteria), fragrance oil, and an essential oil blend. Each bottle is 4 oz of liquid spray.
For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed. 

No Refunds. 
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