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Auric Field Ritual Bath Soak

Auric Field Ritual Bath Soak

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The way that attachments work (energetic attachments) - they hang out in your auric field until ultimately getting attached to your aura if they’re not cleared. Energetic attachments are entities, spirits, and parasites that may want to feed on our energy. 

I always recommend that my clients cleanse once of week if they’re very sensitive to energy. Bare minimum once a month. Auric field clears out the 12ft field around you of any attachments or negative energy that may have been picked up. 

If you’re a practicing energy healer, reader, etc I would recommend cleansing daily and ensuring you’re disconnecting from your clients energy. My Cut Cords recipe can also help with that. 

My bath soaks are versatile. If you don’t have a bath tub you can use this in a foot soak or add to a pitcher of water and pour over yourself in a shower 🚿 Some of my clients even use the salt in their spell work. 


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