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Divine Feminine Ritual Bath Soak

Divine Feminine Ritual Bath Soak

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Divine Feminine energy is in all of us no matter what gender you identify as. Each soul has a mixture of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy. I created this recipe to balance the Divine Feminine within your energy. 


Divine Feminine energy is our connection with Mother Earth, our emotions, and our intuition. Divine Feminine energy goes within and unlocks that strong Feminine power. This recipe is activating that Divine Feminine energy within you. 

When I first made this the goddess Kali came in very strongly. She is a goddess and deity of empowerment and strength. This energy is meant to strengthen and balance and draw you closer to connecting with that inner Feminine power ❤️‍🔥

The scent profile is a delicious mix of jasmine and sweet Tobacco. 
You can use this in a ritual bath 🛀🏼 if you don’t have a bath tub you can also use this in a foot bath. Some of my clients even use my ritual bath soaks for their salt ring when casting spells or making spell jars 🫙 ✨🪄
Ingredients: Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, an herbal blend, and a fragrance oil blend. 

2-3 servings in a small bag. 

6-7 servings in a large bag. 
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