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Unblocking Ritual Bath Soak

Unblocking Ritual Bath Soak

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This is my remove obstacles recipe! Get ready to have any blocks removed! I wanted to create a ritual bath soak that can be used with the intention of getting rid of whatever is in the way of a goal or desire you’re trying to achieve.

Perhaps a difficult obstacle has come up and you want to move past it? Is something stopping you from hitting your next milestone or reaching an achievement? This soak is the recipe you need to unblock your path.
Smells like a gorgeous golden hydrangea and notes of lemon. My soaks can be used
in a variety of ways and my clients get very creative! If you do not have a bath tub this soak can be used in a foot bath. You can also mix with water in a pitcher and use in the shower, if you prefer. Any way you decide to use my ritual bath soaks you will feel this magickal energy.

The large bag (pictured) is about 6-7 servings. The small bag is about 2-3 servings. 
Epsom salt is extremely cleansing. A ritual bath is a great way to remove any negative energy from your energetic and physical body. Epsom salt is high in magnesium so it relaxes your muscles and also pulls toxins out of your body.  

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, essential oil, and an herbal blend.    

For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed. This product is not a replacement or substitute for medical treatment from a physician or medical professional. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.
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