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Soulmate Ritual Body Oil

Soulmate Ritual Body Oil

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I originally created this recipe back in 2021 for myself and upon using I started having visions of my soulmate. I discovered there is a ribbon of energy tied to your soulmate and this recipe was created to draw that ribbon closer to you!
This is NOT just a love or attraction oil. This was specifically created to draw in YOUR person. A soulmate for your highest good. I do not recommend using this if you’re already coupled unless you’re absolutely positive you’re with your soulmate.
Use this spelled ritual oil on your skin like lotion 🧴 as you rub the oil into your skin I want you to envision your intentions. 

You can also use this ritual oil in a spiritual bath 🛁 a couple drops and again 👉🏻 setting your intentions. 

This can also be used to dress candles 🕯️ in rituals for your soulmate 🥰
Ingredients: sweet almond oil, mica powder, programmed crystal chips, an herbal blend, and fragrance oil. Scent is Orchid, it’s amazing!
For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed.  If irritation occurs, discontinue use.
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