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Refuge Ritual Room Spray

Refuge Ritual Room Spray

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Refuge is all about safety. This recipe helps you create a sanctuary in your space to calm your nervous system. 

If you’re someone that is practicing feeling more present, dropping into your body, and leaving fight or flight - this usually means you may struggle with hyper vigilance. 

This recipe works with the Root Chakra and promotes a safety and comfort within our bodies. 

My ritual room sprays do not have mica powder and can be used in rooms or on linens.

This scent is masculine and wraps you up when you’re wanting to feel cozy and safe. 

Imagine smelling a waterfall in the jungle 🌿🦜💧


Ingredients: Distilled water, Poly 20, Germall Plus (to prevent mold or bacteria), fragrance oil blend, and an essential oil blend. Each bottle is 4 oz of liquid spray.
For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed. 

No Refunds. 



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