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Love Evil Eye Ritual Body Oil

Love Evil Eye Ritual Body Oil

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the Evil Eye 🧿 but if not, the concept is that when people are envious, jealous, or have evil or bad intentions toward you that energy can affect us. Specifically in our close relationships this can be where a lot of Evil Eye comes from!
I created this oil with the intention of showing you someone’s true colors toward you. Spirit will show you what someone wants from you in a relationship. So if you’re dating and looking for lovers etc this is the perfect oil to protect yourself from people that do not have your best interest.
The scent is a very feminine floral Lilac and Lilies.
This can also be used for any other loved one relationship such as family, friends, etc.
If you’re looking for a general Evil Eye protection then you’ll want my Virtutis recipe - this also comes in a Ritual Body Oil, Body Scrub, and Room Spray.

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, mica powder, an herbal blend, essential oil/fragrance oil blend, and a crystal

If irritation occurs (on skin), discontinue use immediately. Results are not guaranteed. 
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