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Lemurian Ritual Room Spray

Lemurian Ritual Room Spray

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This recipe is all about Lemuria and the Lemurian energy 🧜🏼‍♀️

Lemurian starseeds are a reincarnation of the Lemurians from an ancient civilization, long ago. 

Most of my clients that are Lemurian have a deep connection to the ocean 🌊 and often decorate their home with an ocean 🐚 or mermaid theme. 

This recipe has channeled energy from that realm and starseed 💫 family. Helping you tap into this cosmic ocean frequency 💧


You may also want this recipe if the ocean feels very healing for you. Bring the energy of the ocean to any space, car, or home 🏡 


The scent is a blend of exotic florals and an ocean breeze.  

This is intended to spray in rooms and on linens. Be mindful of pets as the spray contains essential oils.
Ingredients: Distilled water, Poly 20, Germall Plus (to prevent mold or bacteria), essential oil/fragrance oil blend. Each bottle is 4 oz of liquid spray.
For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed. 

No Refunds.

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