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Higher Self Ritual Body Spray

Higher Self Ritual Body Spray

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Higher Self is a recipe that works with your Crown chakra. This body spray unlocks and activates your crown to receive higher frequencies from your guides, angels, and ancestors.
Your Higher Self is the highest version of you, your highest frequency. Wearing and working with this body spray draws the cord from you and your Higher Self closer together.
This body spray is great for using during a meditation. This recipe is to help you raise your vibration to become your truest self.
The scent smells amazing 😍 it’s Clary Sage & Hydrangea.

This product has an alcohol base. When you spray it on your skin there will be a faint alcohol smell but within seconds it burns off and all you’ll be able to smell is the yummy scent.

The scent profile is much stronger than my Ritual Body Oils because it’s intended to stick to your skin. You can definitely use this as a perfume ☺️
I do not recommend spraying this on clothes or linens because of the mica powder. The transfer to skin is minimal with mica powder.
Ingredients: SD Alcohol 40B, Deionized Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, mica powder, an essential oil blend, and fragrance oil. 
External use only. 
Each bottle is 4 oz of spray. Must shake before each use. 
For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed. If irritation occurs, discontinue immediately.
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