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Heart Expansion Ritual Body Oil

Heart Expansion Ritual Body Oil

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This is my latest recipe about clearing out the gunk in our heart chakra. There are cleansing properties to this recipe.

My intention is to expand your capacity to receive and hold. Many of us don’t know what true abundance and love feels like. We’ve had a limited scope of what that is or what that looks like.

Clients that have used this recipe so far have felt a lot of the past resurfacing. This is most likely making room for this expansion.

I actually did a healing session on a client using this and saw construction 🚧 going on in her heart chakra! lol 😆 it was so funny.

The scent of this ritual body oil is a sweet lemon 🍋 with lily. Like a floral sweet lemon drop 😋

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, an herbal blend, mica powder, fragrance oil, essential oil, and a crystal chip. 
If irritation occurs, discontinue use. For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed.
No refunds. 
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