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Lipstick Intuition

DGAF Ritual Body Oil

DGAF Ritual Body Oil

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I was watching some crap reality tv (as I don’t often do) and it was about unconventional couples. People that were in relationships outside of societal “norms”. 

It was painful to see how many of these people made choices about their lives and what made them happy based on the people around them. 

This is something I see a lot in my client sessions too. People with blocked or imbalanced throat chakras, afraid to be who they truly are. 

Perhaps you’re someone that has a hard time blocking out the opinions of others and you tend to “people please” or change your life depending on peoples opinions. 

This recipe was made to give you the POWER to stop GIVING A FUCK what other people think about you and your life. This oil gives you the mindset that you’re allowed to do what makes you happy. 

You’re allowed to step into your authentic self and block out the negative voices and endless opinions of others. You’re allowed to be happy. 

The scent is a mix of Bamboo and Teakwood. It is a sweet woodsy scent. 

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, mica powder, an herbal blend, fragrance oil and essential oil blend, and a crystal chip. 

If irritation occurs (on skin) discontinue use immediately. Results are not guaranteed. 

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