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Cut Cords Ritual Bath Soak

Cut Cords Ritual Bath Soak

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Cutting cords is a term that’s used frequently in the spiritual community. If you’ve never heard of it - it describes the energetic practice of removing or “cutting” energetic cords that are formed with other people or even events. 

When we connect emotionally to a person or event - we create energetic cords. This can drain and deplete our energy. I notice this more in clients that give their power away. If you resonate with this you may be struggling with creating healthy boundaries, an Empath, or sensitive to energy. 

If you’re a practitioner of any kind - it is a crucial part of the spiritual hygiene routine to cut any energetic cords formed with clients. Often time I’ve noticed that people create cords subconsciously with people they feel emotionally responsible for - even if they just met.


Cutting cords with a person or persons doesn’t mean you’re cutting them off. Just means you’re no longer sharing an energetic tie with that person. However, when removing someone from your life (such as a breakup) it’s important to also cut cords. 

The scent of this recipe is white tea 🫖 it smells like a spa 🧖‍♀️ day. 


All of my bath soaks can also be used in a foot soak if you don’t have a bath tub. Clients also dilute in water and pour over themselves with a pitcher in the shower 🚿 Epsom salt is extremely cleansing. A ritual bath is a great way to remove any negative energy from your energetic and physical body.
Epsom salt is high in magnesium so it relaxes your muscles and also pulls toxins out of your body.
The large size pictured has about 6-7 servings. The small size pictured has about 2-3 servings for ritual baths.
Ingredients: Epsom salt, Himalayan salt, fragrance  oil blend, essential oil, and an herbal blend.
For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed. This product is not a replacement or substitute for medical treatment from a physician or medical professional. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.
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