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Celestial Flame Ritual Body Oil

Celestial Flame Ritual Body Oil

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This recipe was a download from my Celestial team. It has a strong kick of energy to remove any energy leaks or tears from your body and aura.


Sometimes old pain, stagnant energy, and lower vibrational attachments can create leaks in our aura and energy field. This leaves us vulnerable to psychic attacks and fatigue from our energy being drained. 


This energy is also great for integrating new downloads and gifts. If you’ve been up leveling and having more vivid dreams and learning through your guides (or maybe you want to) this can help move that energy smoother through your body.


It is also great for protection, I use the Celestial Flame in healing sessions to burn away negative energy or entities. You can also use this oil to connect to the Celestial realm in meditation or call in your galactic team. 

The scent has hints of sweet florals like plumeria and sweet pea 🌸


Ingredients: sweet almond oil, an herbal blend, mica powder, fragrance oil, essential oil, and crystal
If irritation occurs, discontinue use. For legal reasons, results are not guaranteed.
For EXTERNAL use only. Do not use on your face or around your eyes. 

No Refunds. 

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