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Energy Management Masterclass

Energy Management Masterclass

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Are you tired of living out of alignment? Perhaps you’re always at the mercy of other people’s energy? Avoiding crowds and public places because everything feels “too much”. 

Energy Management is a skill to learn and it will change your life! In this very special Master Class, Drea is teaching in a two part workshop via Zoom everything you need to know about mastering your energy. 

March 8th & 9th (Saturday & Sunday) 11am 🕚 PST - each class will be 1.5-2hrs long. 

This Master Class is for any level of experience. Whether you’re brand new to the spiritual journey, zero experience with the spiritual, or been in the game a LONG time and looking to level up! 

Drea will be teaching -

  • Cord Cutting 
  • Spiritual Hygiene 
  • Grounding 
  • Protection 
  • Intention Setting 

This Master Class of for you 👇🏻

If you’re feeling drained and depleted with no medical reason. 

If you find yourself easily absorbing the energy and emotions of those around you. 

If you struggle with creating solid boundaries with people in your person life. 

If you consider yourself an “over-giver” or people pleaser. 

If you don’t feel rested when waking up and you have sleep issues. 

If you find yourself in a spiral 🌀 often - racing thoughts, doomsday scenarios, negative thinking, and always worrying about the future. 

If you’re tired of things always feeling “off” and not being able to call in what you’re manifesting. 

Once purchased you will receive a Zoom invite for this two-day two-part Workshop teaching you everything you need to know about Energy Management. 

If you can’t make the live, don’t worry! You’ll be able to receive the playback. 

By purchasing you’re acknowledging and agreeing that you’re 18 yrs old or older. For legal reasons, results cannot be guaranteed. No refunds. 

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