May 2022

May 2022

Wow, April was a rollercoaster month. How's everyone feeling after the Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus? We have entered the long awaited Eclipse Portal. An Eclipse Portal is the two weeks in between two Eclipses. Energy is very very strong and powerful during Eclipse Season. We can have ascension symptoms (fatigue, dizziness, body aches, headaches, etc) - obviously please check with a Dr for any ongoing health related issues. I do have my Ascension Ritual Body Oil that is perfect during this type of energy when we are receiving downloads and upgrading our gifts and energy. 

There is some really beautiful energy around the Partial Solar New Moon Eclipse in Taurus that carries over to May. May 1st Venus is still conjunct Jupiter in Pisces. This is very dreamy romantic energy. Venus and Jupiter in Pisces are also both making a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. A sextile is a very harmonious aspect. This is creating an energy that favors healing and transformation! Very fitting for this gorgeous Eclipse energy. The Moon is squaring over to Saturn but these other happier aspects should smooth that energy over. 

On May 3rd the Sun in Taurus is sextile to Mars, really highlighting our confidence and boosting our energy and drive. Mars is also making a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of freedom and in a harmonious aspect it will help push us out of our comfort zone. This energy is expanding our horizons and begging us to bring in new fresh opportunities to our lives. Don't be afraid to take a leap of faith. This feels like The Fool in Tarot to me, about taking risks and going after our dreams. 

The Moon moves into Gemini and will square Mars and Neptune. If any obstacles come up around the 3rd and 4th - remember to focus on the long-term plan. Know that any frustrations may be temporary. The Sun continues to conjunct Uranus and sextile Mars on May 5th. This should be the catalyst we need to manifest solutions to any issues and think bigger. 

Through the majority of May we have so many really beautiful aspects. The energy of the Eclipse Portal is a great time to heal any heart chakra issues and continue to up level your life. Meditations will be very powerful during this time. If you are sensitive to energy I suggest mediation, grounding, cleansing, and making sure you're setting healthy boundaries of the types of interactions and energy you can handle. Rest if you need to and listen to your body. 

May 10th begins Mercury Retrograde. Since this transit is in Gemini (ruler of Mercury) it will be stronger than most Mercury Retrograde transits. The Eclipse Portal will also amplify this energy because we are already having a lot of Third Eye and Crown Chakra activations and downloads. We will be operating in our subconscious. Remember to work with my Eclipse Ritual Body Oil and Mercury Retrograde Ritual Body Oils if you snagged them during my last live sale!

Mercury Retrograde wreaks havoc on our communication, electronics, and mind. Transportation, technology, and electrical issues are common. It's not the time to sign any contracts or start new things. Mostly because when we operate in our subconscious we're not really seeing what is actually there. Buying a vehicle, signing a lease, having surgery, getting married - these are all examples of things that should be avoided during this transit. 

However, life goes on and we can't always stop what we're doing. I've moved during two Mercury Retrogrades and although it was a nightmare - I'm here to tell the tail. Things happen and sometimes there's lessons to be learned during frustrating astrology transits. I would say since this is during the Eclipse just be extra cautious if you DO have to do any of those things. 

Mercury will be retrograde for the rest of May and go direct on June 2nd. I would recommend waiting until the middle of June to resume any big decisions like buying electronics, etc. The Moon will enter Libra on May 12th and begin to square Pluto in Capricorn on May 14th. This can add some emotional drama as we build the energy up to the second Eclipse. 

May 16th we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 27 degrees Scorpio. This Eclipse will be intense like all Scorpio things. Full Moons are a culmination or climax to a situation and usually bring endings. In Scorpio since it is ruled by Pluto - the death and rebirth cycle is more prominent. Eclipses can last up to 6 months and usually break us free from our comfort zones. 

This Eclipse will square Saturn which is a challenging aspect. Saturn is what I like to call the "old man" planet. Usually he comes with lessons since Saturn is the ruler of karma. A square to Saturn may mean things don't go as you'd originally hoped, this can be very frustrating. However, this Eclipse is also making a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn supporting our efforts to transform our lives and leave behind things that no longer serve us. 

You will hear me repeat this over and over again - I always tell my clients to lean into the difficult astrology. It is much easier to lean into the challenging aspects than to fight them. When we continue to hold on to toxic relationships, people, situations, etc - the Universe will remove them with force and the outcome is so much more painful. Allow yourself to release and surrender to the Universe instead of fighting. 

If you'd like to know more about how this May Eclipse will impact you and your specific astrology chart, definitely check out my Text/DM/Email readings! I will have the May Eclipse reading up until it sells out for the month. May 19th Mercury begins to sextile Jupiter and this can be a very healing conversation or opportunity that comes up for you depending on where these planets are in your chart. Be aware of opportunities to heal inner child issues and heart chakra issues in the month of May. 

The Sun meets up with Mercury on May 21st and starts to sextile Jupiter as well. Jupiter making positive aspects to the Sun is very lucky energy in Astrology. Obviously Mercury is still retrograde at this point - but that doesn't mean you can't network and make plans on any opportunities that come up toward the middle to end of May. 

There is still a lot of energy in Pisces this month. It can be extremely dreamy, psychic, intuitive, healing, and creative energy. However, there is a delusional aspect to Pisces energy. Especially with Jupiter meeting up with Neptune because it can be over optimism. So enjoy the energy but remember to stay grounded in reality. Mercury Retrograde is also going to add to that influence. 

Remember, Pluto went retrograde at the end of April as well - so we're heading into retrograde season. This is where we integrate the lessons we've learned while the planets were direct. Pluto in positive aspects this month (mostly) is a good sign that the Universe is supporting a lot of change and things can definitely move into a better place in our lives if we want them to. 

Venus begins to sextile Saturn but square Pluto on May 25th. Saturn is about long-term and supports us to be disciplined and steady in matters of finances and romance. A square to Pluto can result in some resistance to changes that need to take place in order to have that discipline and stability. Be open to what needs to be done in order to reach your romantic and financial goals this month. 

Mars meets up with Jupiter on May 28th through the rest of the month. Mars in Pisces is an interesting energy in general because it's really not the best place for Mars to be. Mars in Pisces might make us kind of sleepy since Pisces rules the 12th house (sleep & subconscious). Jupiter also expands whatever it touches so any Mars related energy is amplified now. Again, stay grounded and use your intuition to make decisions and choices. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic month!


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