July 2022

July 2022

Wow… let me just start by saying I fumbled the ball on June’s forecast. I neglected a key transit in the end of June that led to some really intense energy 🥴

The Mars in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn was a fuckin mess. Not to mention the T-Square with the Moon in Taurus. BIG power struggles and shifts of harsh energy. 

June May have been extremely draining for you even though there was a lot of positive aspects in the astrology.

As we kick off July, I just want to reiterate that these forecasts are an overview of the astrology. 

If I mentioned every single aspect or transit these would be 50 pages long and that’s a lot of information to read through. 

I will also say your experience of the month really depends on your own personal birth chart and how these aspects impact you specifically. 

For example, if you have placements in Cardinal signs (Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer) you probably felt the heaviness at the end of June more. 

July kicks off the month with the Moon moving into Leo. 

Remember that when we have any planets or transits in fixed signs we’re going to kick off a lot of intensity. 

The Moon in Leo ♌️ squares Uranus in Taurus and then opposes Saturn 🪐 on July 2nd. 

Moon opposite Saturn can be negative thinking or obstacles coming up - feeling frustrated. 

This coupled with the Mars square Pluto energy were still feeling - we’re pissed and ready to put people in their place. 

Feeling “annoyed” definitely comes up with this vibe like looking for a fight. Stand your ground but recognize where your ego comes in and the need to “win” and argument or battle. 

Mercury is trine Saturn and square Neptune on July 2nd. These are quite the opposite energy. 

Mercury trine Saturn makes our decisions practical and disciplined while Neptune can cause delusions and insecurities. 

Stay in the energy of a long term vision and recognize where Neptune is creating illusions. Use your intuition when making any decisions or signing contracts around this time. 

On July 4th Mars enters Taurus. Don’t forget what I said about fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius). 

Over the next 6 weeks Mars in Taurus has us focused on our money, security, and values. 

This transit will activate the square to Saturn and meet up with Uranus in Taurus - leading to some unexpected twists and turns. 

Mars represents our energy and how we use that energy. So you’ll notice that Mars in Taurus is ALOT slower than Mars in Aries ♈️ and you may feel more tired or slower than usual 🐢


On July 9th the Sun will sextile Uranus while Mercury squares Jupiter. 

Uranus in Taurus is about breaking free from our comfort zones. This beautiful aspect with the Sun ☀️ allows us to have some excitement. This influence can attract new people and new experiences! 

Mercury square Jupiter is usually over optimism but y’all know Jupiter is the best planet ever. Just be careful with signing contracts and don’t look over any details. 

The Moon will also be in Scorpio ♏️ opposing Uranus and squaring over to Saturn. This can definitely make us anxious and intense. Ground yourself during this time if you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

July 12th Venus will trine Saturn. Trine is a very beautiful aspect. Think of it as two planets that are besties. Saturn is disciplined and structured. This can be great for relationships and financial matters. 

However, Venus is also squaring Neptune at the same time. I’m hoping Saturn anchors this energy but in general any negative aspects to Neptune can be delusions. Especially with Venus involved this usually speaks to relationships.


Basically if it feels too good to be true it usually is. Neptune is retrograde so this means reality will be a little harsher than usual. 

I want to also mention that Venus squaring Neptune around this time can distort our self image and make us feel unloved. 

Recognize this energy and use this opportunity to tackle any insecurities. 

July 13th we have a Full Moon in Capricorn ♑️ this Full Moon like all Full Moons is a time of release. Capricorn rules the 10th house of career and destiny in the world. 

Neptune is sextile to this Full Moon 🌕 and trine to the North Node in Taurus ♉️ - if this doesn’t have “find your spiritual path and purpose written all over it I don’t know what does. 

Neptune in Pisces is very creative and spiritual, this Full Moon tugs at that yearning to find that path. The North Node is about our purpose. 

Pay attention to themes that come up around this time in your life. Destiny is calling 📞 


On July 17th we’re entering a VERY spiritual influence as the Sun and Mercury trine Neptune in Pisces. This energy will have us connecting to our compassion and spirituality. You may feel the calling to help others in need and express that to others. 

Mercury rules the mind and communication so you may feel like connecting more with your ancestors, angels, and guides. If you’re looking to enhance your spiritual gifts 🎁 this would be the influence to help. 

In contrast the following two days (18th & 19th) the Sun AND Mercury will oppose Pluto. Not a great energy if you’re feeling the Mars square Pluto energy of the end of June. 

Mercury opposite Pluto can create an energy of abusive psychological tactics. Since the Sun is also opposite to Pluto I would say collectively there’s probably going to be some massive propaganda to fear monger and hide truths. 

Pluto is ruled by Scorpio so in a negative aspect it can speak to things being purposely hidden. On a personal level just be aware of dishonesty and using negative means to manipulate and control other people. 

The energy may feel draining around this time of the month so definitely find time to disconnect from social media and protect your energy. 

Mercury will trine Jupiter on July 23rd making this a beautiful time to set any business deals or launch a business oriented plan. This is also fantastic energy for planning a trip or traveling especially internationally. 

On the 25th Venus is squaring Jupiter keeping the party going. This energy is perfect for having a good time or not so great for being serious lmao 😂 definitely not a great influence for staying disciplined. Becareful of over-indulging around this time. 

You’ll want to mark your calendars for July 26th because Mercury is squaring Mars. This is definitely an influence that makes us feel frustrated and angry. You may want to wait to have deep conversations or make big decisions around this time for that reason.

Not saying avoid conversations but maybe thinking before you say something knowing that we’re gonna be feeling super irritable 😠


Now, on to the New Moon 🌚 in Leo on July 28th. This New Moon is trining Jupiter which makes this a VERY lucky 🍀 influence! Leo rules the 5th house in astrology.

This represents our creativity, drive, happiness, and passion in life. Remember, Jupiter expands what it touches so this is a really beautiful energy for new beginnings and manifesting our dreams.  


Pro tip: don’t forget when manifesting that you don’t have to JUST manifest material items or financial related circumstances! Don’t forget to manifest happiness, fulfillment, and peace too 💜

Jupiter also begins its retrograde period on this New Moon. This happens for about 4 months every 13 months. 

Jupiter retrograde is a time of spiritual introspection and reflection. You could have to deal with particular issues involving growth and development, happiness, and success.

I love the end of July for this reason! I especially love July 29th because the North Node, Mars, and Uranus are all meeting up in Taurus 😍🔥


North Node is our destiny and purpose, Mars is action and forward movement, and Uranus is breakthroughs and freedom baby!! 

I mean literally this is a HUGE recipe for manifestations becoming a reality 🤩🙌🏻


Sun trine Jupiter days like July 31st can be extremely beneficial and lucky especially if you’re launching something or starting something new around this time. 

In closing, each month is what you make of it. Just because I write about MY interpretation of the energy doesn’t mean this is how you’ll feel around these dates.

YOU are in the driver seat of your life and can make July whatever you desire! I definitely recommend clearing your home and resetting the energy in your space in July. This is a great time to refresh protection. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to raise the vibration of your home and clearing your space I will be hosting a weekend workshop this month! 

Join my FREE private FB group for more details 💫🌿




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