August 2022

August 2022

August has some really exciting energy. We are still feeling the big conjunction at the end of July. 

If you missed my July forecast - the North Node, Uranus, and Mars all met up in the sign of Taurus. This hasn't happened since 1855... 👀 soooo it's kind of a big deal. 

This happened at 18 degrees Taurus - so this will be different depending on what house is ruled by Taurus in your astrological birth chart. 

Remember, with these big aspects it's not just one and done. We will all continue to feel this in our lives. 

Uranus brings change, freedom (sometimes chaos). Mars brings action and the North Node is about our destiny and purpose. 

We are being pushed to find our true potential and our lives will change 🎉

On August 3rd Venus in Cancer will sextile Mars & Uranus in Taurus. This is even more magical energy. Venus in Cancer is about our home and foundation and also our emotions. Cancer wants to feel safe and nurtured. Taurus wants to feel stable and comfortable. 

There will be some of you that will experience huge financial windfalls and/or have the opportunity to meet someone if you're looking for romance ❤️‍🔥

Again, this astrology is general because it really depends on where Cancer and Taurus are in your birth chart. 

Venus sextile Mars can be a very spicy energy and bring out a lot of chemistry between two people. 

Venus sextile Uranus is about inspiration and breaking free from old patterns - seeing things in a new way. 

The Moon enters Scorpio on August 4th and this will light this Mars/Uranus energy on fire. Mars & Uranus will oppose the Moon bringing out a lot of emotions, fights, arguments, etc. 

Mars in Taurus will begin to square Saturn on August 6th. This can cause a lot of delays and frustrations. My advice is to go with the flow, be patient ⚠️

A lot of the readings I did for August it felt like the beginning of August may seem frustrating but there's information that hasn't been revealed yet. So keep the faith if you feel frustrated. 

Mercury enters Virgo on August 7th. Mercury is ruled by Virgo so it's very powerful in this placement. This will allow us to be organized and thoughtful in our communication. 

Venus in Cancer begins to oppose Pluto in Capricorn on August 8th. Venus opposition Pluto can lead to jealousy and some obsession. Recognize these patterns coming up around this time. Especially in relationships. 

I told you August was going to be exciting...😅 haha well, the Sun will square Uranus on August 10th. This is really stirring the pot in the astrology. Expect the unexpected. I would prepare for some changes during this time🌪

August 11th is the Full Moon in Aquarius. A Full Moon is when the Sun opposes the Moon each month. This is a culmination to a situation (where ever Aquarius is your in your chart). 

Full Moon's are a time for releasing and letting go. Especially this Full Moon because it is squaring Uranus. A challenging aspect like a square to Uranus is usually big changes and most likely unexpected. It can also mean that things are happening very fast. 

Mars is sextile Neptune during this Full Moon as well. I love this energy because it increases our drive and ambition toward our spiritual journey. It reinforces the rest of the astrology pushing us to our purpose. 

Tap into your creativity around this time - music, poetry, energy healing, singing, art, etc. Great time to tap into your spiritual gifts and take action toward your destiny. 

August 13th has a lot going on. Mars is trine Pluto - also encouraging the energy of transformation and actions toward that. Consider August as a Tower moment for a lot of us. 

Saturn begins to oppose the Sun in Leo around this time. Again, this can feel extremely frustrating. Harsh Saturn aspects can be heavy and draining because it usually presents itself as obstacles arising in our lives 🫠

I'm hoping that Mars trine Pluto and sextile Neptune allows us to see the silver lining when obstacles or setbacks arise to stay focus on our destiny and path. 

August 16th Mercury will trine Uranus. This can be amazing energy for mental clarity and communication breakthroughs. Uranus can bring epiphanies and sudden messages. If you're unsure of a situation - feels like you'll receive clarity around the middle of August. 

Venus in Leo is also trining Jupiter in Aries around this time. Lots of positives around love and money. This can be very exciting for huge breakthroughs. Venus in Leo is about our happiness. Leo rules the 5th house of happiness, creativity, hobbies, passion, etc. 

Lots of very creative energy around this time. I would expect a lot of downloads and new connections around this time. My guides are making me feel like a lot of you could be meeting new people that will be very important in your life. 

Fame also comes up for me when I'm typing this. Leo is about fame and Aries rules the 1st house of self. Put yourself out there and make those TikTok's and Reels 😎

Between August 21st - 23rd Mercury in Virgo is opposing Neptune in Pisces and trining Pluto in Capricorn. 

Mercury opposite Neptune can be super confusing especially when making decisions and communicating. I would be careful around this time of the month when signing contracts or making big decisions. Tap into your intuition - Neptune harsh aspects can have us operating in our subconscious. Similar to a Mercury retrograde. 

Mercury trine Pluto  - this takes us into the depths of Scorpio. Pluto rules Scorpio and represents death and rebirth. This can be very powerful mentally to learn information that's transformative. You can also meet people around this time or hear from someone with a karmic connection. 

Just in case you're bored in August - shit gets turned up yet again around the 25th. The Sun begins to square Mars and Venus will square Uranus. We'll be feeling this through the end of the month. 

Sun square Mars is a lot of volatile energy - frustrations and arguments. We'll see these harsher aspects in August on the news and in the collective energy as well. Remember to ground your energy and not allow your emotions to control your decisions 🤬😫😤😟

Venus square Uranus can be a lot of unexpected twists and turns in financial matters and relationships. Literally all of August is a lot of ups and downs. Finding ways to stay in your peace and flow with the Universe is so important. 

We have the New Moon in Virgo on August 27th. This New Moon is squaring Mars in Gemini. Virgo rules the 6th house - career, health, day-to-day routines, and service to others. 

New Moons are when the Sun and Moon are exactly conjunct each month. This is a time of manifesting and new beginnings. Your rising sign or ascendant sign will determine where this New Moon falls in your life. 

It's not a secret that Virgos are ambitious and go getters. With Mars squaring this New Moon is going to light a fire under all our asses to pursue our goals. Get ready for some intense motivation. 

Overall August is intense, y'all know I don't sugar coat anything and if you're new here - 🤪 WELCOME! HAHA

It's important that we LEAN into the astrology. What I mean by that is - we can't control everything. Things happen and most of the time there is a bigger picture we can't see yet. Allow these changes to take place, stay grounded, and stay focused on your bigger picture and goals. 

I recommend my Fearless, Surrender, Renewal, and Letting Go recipes to help you through this month! No Worries & Grounded are also my favorite recipes if you have anxiety and have a lot going on. 

Wishing you all an amazing August 💜


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